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Valentine’s Day Specials – Pamper Yourself for the Entire Month of February

Valentine’s Day Specials – Pamper Yourself for the Entire Month of February


Love Me In
Lavender Mani/Pedi

This organic
mani/pedi includes an organic soak, scrub and moisturizer touched with lavender
essential oil.

Special combo – $20

Mani only –

A Rose For
My Sweet Mani/Pedi

This organic
mani/pedi also includes an organic soak, scrub and moisturizer enhanced with
the essence of rose and thyme.

Special combo – $20

Mani only –

Love Is
Sweeter With Chocolate Mani/Pedi

mani/pedi includes an OPI chocolate themed scrub, soak and moisturizer.

Special combo – $20

Mani only –


The 5 Senses

Our five
senses tell us everything we need to know about the world around us.  Used
effectively, we can use these senses to journey to unimaginable places.
ISSNMT invites you to experience a treatment like no other.  The 5 Senses
is a unique approach to relaxing the entire body, the entire mind and the
entire spirit.  Using classic Swedish massage strokes, your massage
student will rejuvenate all of your senses in this 50 minute session.

The 5 Senses
Swedish (50 min)

– $35.00

The 5 Senses
Deep Tissue (50 min)
– $45.00

Massage Package

This couples
massage special blends the aromatic scents of jasmine and ylang ylang essential
oils with a hint of lavender.  Jasmine essential oil is sweet, floral and
exotic while ylang ylang adds balance with its euphoric properties.  This
session is sure to evoke a sense of oneness between you and your significant
other. Guest of this package will also receive a complimentary flute of
sparkling cider!

Inseparable (50 min)
– $85.00 per couple

Inseparable (80 min)
– $105.00 per couple

Silky Smooth

Champagne and Rose Oil

treatment is very popular in high end spas!  You will be cocooned in warm
silk for fifteen minutes, while your student therapist uses a rose scented
scrub to sooth and relax your tired, achy feet.  You will also be treated
to an Indian scalp massage.  After which the cocoon is unwrapped and you
are given a choice of Swedish or Deep tissue massage to be performed on your
entire body.

The Silky
Smooth Cocoon SWEDISH (80 min)
– $50.00

The Silky
Smooth Cocoon DEEP TISSUE (80 min)
– $60.00


Body Scrub

treatment is infused with the scent of invigorating peppermint oil that opens
the senses and calms the body, relax as the coffee scrubs away the dead skins
cells revealing the baby soft skin underneath as the coffee is massaged in the
skin, the chocolate moisturizes your fresh, new soft skin.

Back Treatment – $25

Hand and Foot Treatment – $7

Soft as

Rose Petal
facial – $30