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True to Me: Full Service Day Spa

True to Me: Full Service Day Spa

First level nail care students are challenged to creatively express what their dream salon would look like with the My Salon Project. Students love the project because they are given the freedom to let their imaginations run free. One student in particular, Deborah Hydrick, truly dedicated herself to this project and after three weeks of hard work she created her dream salon, True to Me: Full Service Day Spa.

The staff was so impressed at the amount of detail Debra put into her project. “It’s the most dynamic project I’ve ever seen. She’s set the bar even higher for our students,” says nail care instructor Stephanie Allen. “With her project, she’s inspiring her classmates. She’s going to be very successful.” We are so proud of Deborah and her dedication she has to the nail care program. We know that her project will serve as an example for years – not only for creativity but will also be used to encourage all of our students to push themselves harder and go the extra mile.

Thank you, Deborah! We hope to see True to Me: Full Service Day Spa open in the future!