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Top 10 Reasons to Start a Cosmetology Career Today

Top 10 Reasons to Start a Cosmetology Career Today

1. Stay out of debt! Higher education has become notoriously expensive, and many people find themselves paying off their school loans many, many years after graduating. Completing the program to become a nail technician, massage therapist or esthetician is affordable and you will not find yourself struggling to pay off massive school loans.

2. Your future job is right around the corner! Instead of spending 4 years, or even 2,  to earn a degree (which you may not even use for your future career!), you can complete any of ISSN’s programs in a year or much less depending on your chosen career path!

3. Classes to fit your schedule! No matter what your current schedule demands, ISSN offers courses during the day and night!

4. No desk jobs here! Does the thought of sitting in front of a computer from morning to night have you running for the hills? Well, ISSN offers exciting careers that will keep you moving, learning and active!

5. Meet new people everyday! Both during your coursework and career, cosmetology careers give you the opportunity to meet all different kinds of people everyday!

6. No unemployment lines for you! The rough job market has really taken a toll, especially on today’s college graduates. The good news is that ISSN has over a 90 percent placement rate for their graduates.

7. Positive vibes all around! Whether you choose to be a nail technician, massage therapist or esthetician you will spend your days having a positive effect on your clients. You will leave work knowing you have helped your clients feel better, relaxed and ready to conquer the world!

8. Express yourself! Many cosmetology careers center on creativity and challenging work. Each day will be unique and you will have the opportunity to solve problems and practice your love of art and beauty!

9. Working parent? If you are a working parent, cosmetology school and careers are a perfect fit! You will have more freedom to structure your schedule to meet the demands of your busy life! Cosmetology careers are an exceptionally popular career among single parents.

10. No glass ceiling. The sky is the limit, careers in cosmetology offer exciting opportunities in job growth, location and income.

Contact ISSN today to learn more about our programs in nail care, skin care and massage therapy! As if you don’t already have enough reasons, ISSN offers zero percent and flexible financing!