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‘Tis the Season: ISSN Holiday Donations

‘Tis the Season: ISSN Holiday Donations

This time of the year is filled with gift giving and always reminds us of how fortunate we are. In the spirit of giving, ISSN is collecting donations for our students in need.

Some of our students face hard times and struggle financially. Back in October, our staff and students decided to collect donations for our students who are enduring adversity. Students began donating money and storing non-perishables on campus. As time went on, our staff noticed how passionate students were about helping their fellow student. Through ongoing support, we have decided to continually collect donations throughout the holiday season.

ISSN School Director Pam Jones has started an emergency fund used strictly for those times when a student is in need. Inspired by the support from our staff and students, we plan to start a special program in the future that gives back to the ISSN community.

If you’d like to help, please leave all donations in Laurie Steele’s office.