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The Art of Connection


The Art of Connection

Our massage therapy students learn the importance of mind-body connection throughout their seven month journey as practitioners in training. 16 of our massage students practiced Vinyasa Yoga as a part of their “Self-Care” series.

Vinyasa means “connection” in Sanskrit. As students moved through the various “flowing” yoga poses, they learned the importance of a balanced mind, healthful body and peaceful spirit.

So what does Yoga have to do with Massage therapy? The goal of a Massage Therapist is to encourage a healthy lifestyle through safe, nurturing touch. One of the avenues massage therapists can utilize to guide clients towards that goal is self-care. Teaching students the art of self-care decreases the likelihood of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and thus increases longevity in the industry.

Our massage program curriculum offers a wide range of body/mind connection theory classes as well as fundamental practical training. If you are interested in learning more about any of our programs please call our Admissions Director, Lauren Livatino to schedule an appointment to view our campus at 404-843-1005 X110.