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Thank You Note to Student Blogger from The Campus Director

Thank You Note to Student Blogger from The Campus Director

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Ms. Warrior has found hers!

Ms. Warrior,

I had the pleasure of ready your blog submitted to Nails Magazine.  I must say that you really put things into perspective.  Every now and then, we all need a “reality check” and I must say, I had one last night.  Your words were very poignant, honest and inspiring.

I am proud to call you a student of this institution, and even prouder that you are going beyond the fabric of the industry to outline a niche for yourself.  I applaud you for speaking up about your educational journey.  I will be featuring you and other students that are interested on our website, highlighting the positive things about the industry and our institution.

Again thank you for noticing the growth and adjustments being made in your school and program.  I look forward to reading more blogs from you in the future!!

Che’ Chinn

Campus Director, ISSNMT