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Nina Handy

Nina Handy

Nina Handy is a Master Cosmetologist/Barber as well as a Cosmetology/Esthetics Instructor and has been licensed since 1999. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Relations with a concentration in counseling and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership.

Nina has extensive background in Private and Public Education and Salon Management. She is originally from Maryland and owned a Salon Business there for 8 years where she grew a love for the Esthetics side of the business providing facials, makeup and waxing services as a part of the Salon menu. Nina eventually moved to Atlanta, GA to enjoy life in the South. Nina has a passion for all things beauty but also loves the arts and has performed in the several stage plays, musicals and has a movie credit under her belt.

Nina has participated in Bronner Bros Hair Battle Royale and many other competitions throughout her career. Her passion now is to pour knowledge and passion into up-and-coming beauty professionals and prepare them to compete with the industries best and to BE THE BEST. Average just does not set well with her.    Her Motto is “PRACTICE THE WAY YOU WILL PERFORM.”