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Lannie Swangim

Lannie Swangim

Lannie Tessa Swangim is a self-driven and highl y motivated professional. Lannie received her bachelor’s degree in Business and for number of years she worked in the banking industry. Realizing her love of teaching, Lannie went on to become a Certified Instructor of English as a Second Language (ESL) and worked in the State of Georgia as well as on an international level. She has taught ESL at the Pre-K level up to and including College-aged students. Lannie discovered her love for Cosmetology and worked to earn her licenses as a Master of Cosmetology and as an Instructor in Cosmetology. She specializes in Haircare, Basic and Advanced Nailcare, and Esthetic.

Lannie enjoys being a teacher. She has an innate desire for her students to not only be successful, but to also be professional and ethical in their chosen fields. Lannie brings her enthusiasm for teaching to each session she leads and loves being able share her knowledge with others. Lannie has an optimistic and positive attitude that is evident in the loving, caring, and empathic way in which she deals with the students, faculty, and staff. She consistently goes beyond the call of duty and ensures that her students learn the practical methods for becoming successful cosmetologists. Often Lannie will work behind the scenes to ensure that what needs to get done gets done all without asking for recognition or accolades. This is a testament to the humble nature of a loving and caring person who has a desire to give back to her community.