Welcome to the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy. We look forward to serving the community we serve which includes the students, clients, guests, and employers of the institution.

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Staff and Leadership Team


Administrative Team
Pam Jones Campus President, B.G.S. Crime & Delinquency/Human Development & Family Life
Khalilah Valentine-Smith Co-Campus Director/Director of Financial Aid, M.S. H Ed
Jennifer Young Director of Enrollment Services, Senior Program Director/Curriculum Specialist – Skin Care LE, LEI
Andre S. Gibson Director of Career and Student Services, B.S. Business Administration/Human Resources
Ms. Lannie Swangim Program Director – Nail Care, LMCT, LMCI
Sheila Kitchens Client Services Manager, LE

Student Services Team
Sheila Kitchens Client Services Manager, LE
Debra Elrod Registrar/Bursar/Corporate Executive Assistant, LE
ReAnne Dedrick Spa Services Coordinator
Ann Beal Custodial Services Manager

Admissions, Student Services and Financial Aid Team
Khalilah Valentine-Smith Director of Financial Aid, MS H Ed
Krystal Wright, LNT, LE LEI Admissions Coach
Rachel Melson Financial Aid Coordinator
Rachel Justice Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Education Team
Skin Care
Jennifer Young, LE, LEI Senior Program Director/Curriculum Specialist/Educator, LE, LEI
Elizabeth St. John-Hall, LE, LEI Program Director/Skin Care Educator – Full-time, LE, LEI
Krystal Wright, LE, LEI Skin Care Educator – Full-time, LE, LEI
Mary Catherine “M.C.” Patrick Skin Care Educator – Part-time, LE, LEI
Mandra Cotton, LE, LEI Skin Care Educator – Part-time, LE, LEI
Sonia Schultz, LE, LEI Skin Care Educator – Adjunct, LE, LEI

Nail Care
Lannie Swangim, LC, LCI Nailcare Program Director/Educator – Full-time, LMCT, LMCI
Jaleesa Roebuck, LNT, LNTI Nailcare Educator, – Part-time, LNT, LNTI

Massage Therapy
Che Chinn, LMT Massage Therapy Educator – Program Director, LMT
Evette Murphy, LMT Massage Therapy Educator – Full-time, LMT, B.A., MA HED
Sonia Thames, LMT, LPN Massage Therapy Educator – Part-time, LMT, LPN
Lucille Niang, LMT Massage Therapy Educator – Part-time, LMT
Mark McCray, LMT Massage Therapy Educator – Clinic, LMT
Lanetris Thomas-Walker, LMT Massage Therapy Educator – Adjunct, LMT