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At the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy, our primary goal is to prepare our students for entry-level jobs in their desired fields. Students in the Atlanta, GA, area who wish to become nail techs should enroll in our Nailcare Course to develop the correct habits and attitudes and learn the necessary skills. Upon completion, students will have the theoretical and practical knowledge to take the state board examination. Learn more about our nail tech school and how you can become one step closer to your dream profession.

About Our Program

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The Nailcare Program at the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy is a 600-clock/credit course that guides students through a sequential set of learning steps, addressing the specific skills this profession requires. Our educators work closely with students sharing their knowledge, expertise, and real-world experiences.

Students who enroll in this program learn more than just the minimum requirements for the state board examination. Those who wish to learn about how the nailcare industry relates to podiatry can take their education further thanks to our exclusive relationship with MediNail Learning Center.

Classes offered by MediNail also give students insights into topics taught at manicure school and pedicure school. After completing the MediNail Advanced Technology program, students go onto the Certified MediNail-Advanced Nail Technologist (M-ANT) course. This program is for salon-based nail professionals who have finished the advanced training and are looking to improve their credentials. Students enrolled in the M-ANT course may study online or on the go with any device.

Potential Career Paths After Studying at Nail Tech Schools

After completing the Nailcare Program, you will have the appropriate skills to begin your career in the field of your choice. From trims and polishes to nail art, you have the chance to work in exciting environments performing multiple tasks. Possible career paths to pursue include:


A great starting point for nail technicians is in salons and spas. Here, you build on the skills and gain professional experience with different services. One advantage to working at a salon or spa is that most allow employees to have flexible schedules that suit their lifestyles. Another benefit is exposure to products and brands that increase your knowledge of the latest trends and techniques.

Retail and Consulting

As a nail technician, you have training in various products. You use this expertise to educate clients who want to improve the look and quality of their nails. This path enables nail techs to become salespeople for brands and salons. A similar job opportunity is providing consulting services. As you begin this career path, you will use referrals to increase your clientele and grow your business.

Mobile Manicurist

The salon environment isn’t for everyone. Some nail techs prefer a workspace with more freedom and less structure. If you fall within that category, you may consider traveling to your clients to deliver nail services as a mobile manicurist. This career choice requires you to supply your own equipment, but it grants the freedom to set your hours. Use your custom nail services to take advantage of numerous events such as birthday parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and more.

Nail Tech Educator

Perhaps you connected with one of our educators and they sparked a desire to teach. Take what you’ve learned through our informative programs and pass it along to others by pursuing a career as a teacher. You may need to further your education and earn the necessary licensing to attain this position. We offer an excellent Nailcare Instructor Program for this very reason.

Advantages of Our Nailcare Program

The Nailcare Program at the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy delivers many distinct benefits compared to other schools. Some of the pros of enrolling in our program include:

  • Respected educators: Our team consists of skilled instructors eager to pass their knowledge and real-world experiences to students.
  • Financial aid: We believe money shouldn’t prevent someone from pursuing their dreams. That’s why we proudly extend financial aid to those who qualify.
  • Other available programs: Our Nailcare Program is not the only course for students. Those who wish to expand their abilities can do so by exploring our other career-focused programs.

Take the First Step to Your Dream Career

Students in the Atlanta, GA, area interested in pursuing a career in nailcare should take the first step by enrolling in the Nailcare Program at the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy. During our 22- to 32-week course, students will gain the required skills and knowledge to have a successful career in whichever field they choose. Contact us today for more information about our nail tech school and other programs.


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