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Nailcare Program – About

The primary purpose of the Nailcare Course is to train the student in both theory and practical experience that will prepare them to pass the State Board examination and for subsequent entry-level employment opportunities as a Nail Technician or a related career path. This course is directed toward developing desirable habits and attitudes with respect to health, sanitation, safety, basic manipulative skills, and encouragement towards self-reliance, service to others and an ethical approach to the Nailcare profession.

The 600 clock/credit hour is provided through a sequential set of learning steps that address specific tasks necessary for graduation, State Board Examination preparation, and entry level employment skills.

ISSNMT offers more than just the minimum training in the nail and foot care industry. Our students have the opportunity to go beyond and learn even more about how the nail care industry interfaces with the medical world in podiatry. Read more about Dr. Spalding and why ISSNMT is engage with his MediNail advanced training programs.

Exclusively at ISSNMT: Advanced Nail Technician Certification Program. 

Below is outlines information about the course and Dr. Spalding the President and Founder of Medinail Learning Center. ISSNMT encourages students to take the classes offered at Medinail Learning Center. Students can progress through many courses at MediNail Learning Center after completion of the MediNail Advanced Technology program. The Certified MediNail-Advanced Nail Technologist™ (M-ANT) is an all-new program for professionals who have completed advanced training in working aseptically with clients for their ultimate protection from the transfer of infection. The M-ANT course is for salon-based nail technicians working to be the best in their professions by studying online & on the go, on any device (tablet, computer, or phone). The authors, owners and faculty of the Medinail Learning Center courses are respected educators and professionals who care about the nail industry and its technicians.

Dr. Robert Spalding is the president and original founder of Medinail Learning Center (MLC) in 2006 as well as author of the Medical Nail Technician Program and a board-certified podiatry practitioner (DPM) with a busy practice in Chattanooga, TN. He is a Certified Forensic Podiatrist and the author of several books, among them Death by Pedicure ©2006 (for consumers) and The Science of Pedicures (for nail technicians). These books provide the foundation for MLC and the Medical Nail Technician Certification (MNT) and the Medinail Advanced Nail Technologist Course (M-ANT) certification.
The cases in which he was a forensic specialist against salon infections usually were based on preventable injuries caused by improper infection control during nail services. But rather than becoming negative about the industry, he began a campaign toward educating nail professionals in safe practices that prevent harm to their clients. His proactive support of nail technicians is shown in his activities as a previous member of the board of International Pedicure Association and the Infection Control Committee for Cengage Publishing. Dr Spalding is also the creator of www.westerilize.com, co-creator of www.safesalonrating.com and has contributed numerous articles to podiatric and salon-based magazines.
He is a member of the APMA, the ABPMS and the ACMFCE. He lectures yearly at multiple nail professional venues and podiatry conferences. As a result of Dr Spalding’s efforts, MLC’s Medical Nail Technicians course is now the only nail technician course that has been recognized by the American College of  Medical Foot Care and Aesthetics or www.ACMFCE.org. The MLC M-ANT and MNT courses* are a result of his passion against fungal infections being transferred to clients in nail salons, his hope that clients will be able to purchase safe services, and his desire to see nail technicians enjoy enhanced success directly through the upgrading of their safety techniques and skills. For more information concerning Dr. Spalding’s background, see drspalding.com and www.justfortoenails.com.

Classes start monthly depending upon the course schedule.  Contact ISSNMT to find the schedule that best fits your needs!

Nailcare Program –   600 Clock Hours

22-32 Weeks To Complete the Program

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