Welcome to the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy. We look forward to serving the community we serve which includes the students, clients, guests, and employers of the institution.

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Massage Program – Courses

Day & Evening Program: Clock Hours: 675

Massage Therapy Program – Theory and Practical
Massage – Theory Massage – Practical
History of Massage Swedish Massage Movements
Requirements for the Massage Practitioners Applications of Massage Movements
Movements (Gliding, Kneading,
Friction, Joint Movements, Rhythm)
Anatomy and Physiology Overview Treatment Room Routine/Procedures
Cells and Tissues Therapeutic Massage Practices
Anatomical Positions, Terms and Meanings Athletic/Sports Massage Practices
The Integumentary System Other Therapeutic Modalities
The Skeletal System Prenatal Massage
The Muscular System Pre and Post Pregnancies Massage
The Circulatory System Manual Lymphatic Massage
The Lymph-Vascular System Deep Tissue Massage
The Immune System Neurophysiologic Therapies
The Nervous System Neuromuscular Therapies
The Endocrine System Muscular Energy Techniques (MET)
The Respiratory System Passive Positioning Techniques
The Digestive System
The Excretory System Yin and Yang
The Reproductive System Asian Bodywork Therapy
Indications and Contradictions of Massage Shiatsu
Equipment and Products Ayurveda
Sanitary and Safety Practices Reflexology
Classification of Massage Movements Stress Therapy and Relaxation
Massage and the Spa Setting Chair Massage
HIV Recognition and Policies Introduction to Aromatherapy
Massage and Medicine Licensure Certification Examination Review
Business Practices and Ethics Spa Therapy (Hot Stone, Body Polish, Wraps, and more!)
Introduction to Hydrotherapy