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Massage Therapy is a Helping Profession

Massage Therapy is a Helping Profession

R1-07059-0011Ms.Che Chinn has been a licensed massage therapist for 10 years and has been driven by the ability to help people through the art and science of massage therapy. She has been involved with the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy since 2008 when she joined the Stellar team to teach Massage Therapy.  She is the massage therapy program – she built it, she lives it and she even teaches it occasionally.  She started the program, taught the program and was promoted to the program director in 2011.   Ms. Che went on to become the Assistant Campus Director and has been the Campus Director due to another promotion in 2015.

Ms. Che encourages those who believe the massage therapy field is the right career path to contact the school and get more information.   It is a 675 hour program and with perfect attendance a student can complete the program in 27 weeks.    After successfully passing the state board exam (and the pass rates for ISSNMT graduates is excellent), students are ready to obtain a license and get to work enjoying a wonderful career as a massage therapist. Ms. Sylvia Montanez, the Director of Career Services, receives calls everyday looking for ISSNMT graduates.   We are looking for the right students to join the Stellar Student Team (our students) in the Massage Therapy program.

If you have been thinking about this career option – start doing instead of just thinking.  We can help with the doing part – call to speak with Mr. Ludin Bello, Director of Admissions, TODAY and let us help you join the helping profession of Massage Therapy.

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