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Let’s Talk Massage Therapy: Interview with MT Program Director Ms. Che Chinn


Let’s Talk Massage Therapy: Interview with MT Program Director Ms. Che Chinn

Our massage therapy program teaches students about the science of the body parts and systems, massage techniques, safety procedures and business practices. Whether it’s from the textbook or from our instructors’ real world experiences, students learn so much within the 6 month program. Our mission is to develop exceptional licensed massage therapists ready for the professional world. Massage therapy student Corine Yvonne Pinson has thoroughly enjoyed her experience thus far in the massage therapy program, “ The practical part of the program is my favorite – great hands-on experience. We have great teachers!”

We took some time to sit down with Ms. Che Chinn, Massage Therapy Program Director, to learn more about her and the program.

How did you get into massage therapy?
It wasn’t my first choice. I started out pre-med and wanted to go into chiropractic medicine. Soon, I realized that I wanted to do something that connected to people on a more emotional and spiritual level. Then I became very interested in holistic healthcare and massage therapy. Massage therapy is not only focused on the body, it helps learn balance not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’m in school now studying physical therapy and I’d love to travel to Asia this summer to study Chinese medicine. I’ve worked in corporate America, I’ve owned a restaurant – but this is what makes me happy.

What brought you to ISSN?
I’ve always wanted to teach. I was teaching at other schools first, but I came here 6 years ago to start the massage therapy program. We only had 6 students at the time, and now we have 45. I love it here. It’s more than massage therapy to me. Everyday I think “How can I change someone’s life for the better?” I challenge my students to rise above obstacles that get in their way. I encourage them to learn all that they can in these 27 weeks. We have such a great program here.

What advice do you have for the new massage therapy student?
Do research and make sure this is for you. Be open because there is so much outside of just massage therapy you can learn here. And be spiritually sound.

What advice do you have for your graduating students?
Never stop learning, this is only the beginning. Don’t settle for working in a spa or owning your own business. I challenge you to take massage therapy to the next level and expand! Move out the country. Start something in massage that people aren’t thinking. Massage therapy is so dynamic and it’s easy to become a jack of all trades and a master of none. Beware of that. Find something that brings you happiness.

Thank you Ms. Che for allowing us to learn more about you. Our students also thank you for your encouragement and challenging them to go above and beyond.

If you would like more information about the massage therapy program, contact us!