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It’s your body! Use it Wisely!


It’s your body! Use it Wisely!

“Just like everyone else who wakes up and has breath in their bodies, your body gets tense, “ says massage therapy student Asia Holt. “Because you’re using your entire body, it’s important to take care of it!”

Asia has learned that while working as a massage therapist, you are on your feet for hours everyday. Asia suggests that as massage therapists, you wear the proper footwear and also get massages to release the tension in your bodies. Along with Asia’s awesome advice, we also have a few tips on how you can take care of your body while on the job.

1. Stay energized. Nothing is worse than being tired while on your feet. Make sure you stay energized by getting a good night’s rest and eating a balanced diet. Junk and fast food can weigh your body down.

2. Get moving! While on your feet, try not to stay stationary. Keep your whole body active. Go for a short walk or stretch during breaks.

3. Rest when needed. Don’t try to over work your body. When you feel tired, take a moment to sit down and rest before getting back to work.

You know all about body mechanics while training in massage therapy so, make sure you take care of your own body!