Welcome to the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy. We look forward to serving the community we serve which includes the students, clients, guests, and employers of the institution.

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It is OK to put YOU First

It is OK to put YOU First

It is not too late!

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2015 is not over and you can still take that step to start the goal you set last January.  You can get started NOW, graduate and become licensed in less than one year.

Call us today to get started.  

Don’t wait another day, month or year.

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 If you are passionate about skin – then becoming an esthetician might just be the thing that changes your life.  Or, maybe you just love nails  – then becoming an Nail Technician is a great option.  You can be in class in November and end the year the way you wanted to start it – with a new direction that has potential to provide you with the things you seek from a career.

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It is okay to put YOU first for a change.  

Email: success@issnschool.com or call 404-843-1005 Press 2 to Put Yourself First TODAY!

do not wait until tomorrow