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Final Destination: The Nail Ambassador Room

Final Destination: The Nail Ambassador Room

We’ve added a new exclusive space for our senior nail care students called the Nail Ambassador Room. The Nail Ambassador Room is strictly for our senior students and clients. The room is set up just like your favorite nail salon and helps our senior students transition into the professional world of being a nail technician.

Our clients love the new space and immediately feel more comfortable and relaxed in the Nail Ambassador Room. As a client, you can request to have your favorite student service you in the Nail Ambassador Room! When a student is personally requested, they are rewarded with points. Points can be used as “ISSN dollars” that students can use for fun products in our Dispensary.

We use culturally diverse projects and activities in our nail care curriculum and encourage our students to think differently. As our students develop and train, they also learn about international trends in nail care. Each student starts their nail care journey as a Protégé. Depending on the level of completed hours, students reach the next Diplomat level. After being a Diplomat, students reach the next goal and become Envoys. Students reach the final destination in their education when they become Ambassadors. Ambassadors are at the top level of our nail care program and are the closest to graduation. Our students can’t wait to become ambassadors!