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Chakras: Eye Catching Art


Chakras: Eye Catching Art

The spectacular artwork Massage Therapy student, Amanda Parker, created for her school project is extremely impressive! Amanda explained she was always interested in learning about the chakras, so conceiving this chakra focused art work was effortless. As learned in massage theory classes, the word chakra derives from the Sanskit word which means wheel. Within the body are 7 chakras, which are wheel-like vortex which attracts both good and bad energy. Each chakra represented by a color, is located an focused on different body parts, yet they are interconnected.

The seven chakras are located at the crown (purple), brow (indigo), throat (blue) heart (green), solar plexus/pancreas (yellow), spleen (orange), and base (red).

“I was inspired by yoga and used natural body movements when I painted it,” Amanda elucidated. “It wasn’t until I finished that I realized it resembled an eye…like the third eye (crown) chakra!”

Awesome work, Amanda!

written by Chezon Jackson