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New Blog About Nail School

New Blog About Nail School


Meet A’Kia – A Student at the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy.  Learn about her experiences through her blog.  Attending school to become a licensed Onyxologist (or Nail Technician) is not easy.  It requires commitment to attend classes daily and practice the skills learning over and again.   The program is not long but it is 600 hours of solid, serious training.  Being a nail technician is not just about nail art and polish.  Clients expect nail technicians to make sure products are safe, applications are done correctly and stellar customer service given at all times.   The school has been in  existence for 30 years and training stellar onyxologists toe be successful in the industry since it opened.

She is a stellar student and should go far in the industry. She is already already blogging.  We are so proud of you and keep learning.  Blog away, A’Kia. See A’Kia’s link to her blog below.  Enjoy reading and come let her pamper you at ISSNMT.  She will enjoy pampering you.

Hey Ms. Stephanie,

I’m super excited to share that my blog post is live!

Here is the link: http://www.nailsmag.com/blogpost/113892/meet-akia

Let me know what you think! This is my first blog ever in life so I’m so open to making it better! This one is long because it’s the first one and had to include the intro and it was a 3 week summary, so I’m looking forward to shorter ones. I will do them weekly so I will send the link as they post! 🙂

See you this evening!