Spa - Massage Therapy

The Massage Board of Georgia prohibits students from receiving compensation of any kind according to section 345-6-.02 in the Georgia Rule for the Scope of Practice of Massage Therapy Students.
Students accepting gratuities, or tips, will be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, termination. 

As a result, the School has determined that it will follow the Massage Board of Georgia’s regulations for all programs and all students in all programs are prohibited from accepting gratuities. Therefore, Skin Care and Nailcare students may not accept gratuities from anyone at any time.

Hot Basalt Stone Massage $40

Hot Basalt Stones are used to warm the muscles
for a deeper, more therapeutic session

The Ultimate Escape (1 hour session) $30

This 1 hour session is approximately a 50 minute full body
Swedish session; utilizes light, rhythmic strokes.

Prenatal Massage (1 Hour Session) $30

This 1 hour session is approximately a 50 minute massage which helps soothe tired, achy muscles while relaxing comfortably in a side-lying position
Prenatal Massages are offered only after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Marine or Mud Wrap $5

The marine wrap can aid in detoxifying the body,
while the mud seeks to balance and tone

Thermal Therapy $2

Keeps you warm and comfortable during your massage.

Deep Tissue Massage $8

Deep Tissue targets trigger points (knots) for
increased range of motion and effective body movement

Salt or Sugar Scrub $5

This superficial exfoliation leaves skin looking radiant and rejuvenated

Aromatherapy $2

Essential oils are used to relax or rejuvenate.
Choose your own unique blend or ask a student to create one for you

Hydro-Thermo Therapy $2

Warm towels or packs allows muscles to relax more rapidly

Minors receiving Massage Treatments must be at least 13 years of age
and must have a parent present in the room with them.

Massage Services are offered in a
1 hour session and must be booked on the hour.
Adding any upgrades to your service will  not increase the time allotted for that session.