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The primary purpose of the Nail Care Course is to train the student in both theory and practical experience that will prepare them to pass the State Board examination and for subsequent entry level employment opportunities as a Nail Technician or a related career path. This course is directed toward developing desirable habits and attitudes with respect to health, sanitation, safety, basic manipulative skills, and encouragement towards self-reliance, service to others and an ethical approach to the Nail Care profession.

The 600 clock/credit hour is provided through a sequential set of learning steps that address specific tasks necessary for graduation, State Board Examination preparation, and entry level employment skills. The program now includes the Advanced Nail Technician training giving graduates the ability to categorize services and nail salons as a “Safe Salon.”  Additionally, graduates can work in the medical field with Podiatrists and other medical professionals specializing in nail care specific issues.

Exclusively at ISSNMT: Advanced Nail Technician Certification Program.  ANT Logo Master
This training by prestigious Nailcare Academy is included in our curriculum and is offered nowhere else in the Atlanta area. Ten modules of in-depth training in nail and foot care that will set you apart from other graduates. You will receive training in:

*How to work with clients who have special health considerations and how to recognize things you observe and refer them to the proper medical provider.

*Protocols with step-by-step instructions that will set you up for success.

*Marketing activities you can utilize during your training to build anticipation for your licensure.

*Compliance with OSHA and how to work safely

And much more!

Classes start monthly depending upon the course schedule.  Contact ISSNMT to find the schedule that best fits your needs!

Nail Care Program –   600 Clock Hours
22-32 Weeks To Complete the Program

(See Fees and Schedule for Tuition, Fees and Supplies and the Schedules available)

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information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who
completed the program, campus crime statistics and other important information, visit the disclosures which are listed in the Consumer Disclosures on the website.

The Massage Board of Georgia prohibits students from receiving compensation of any kind according to section 345-6-.02 in the Georgia Rule for the Scope of Practice of Massage Therapy Students.
Students accepting gratuities, or tips, will be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, termination. 

As a result, the School has determined that it will follow the Massage Board of Georgia’s regulations for all programs and all students in all programs are prohibited from accepting gratuities. Therefore, Skin Care and Nailcare students may not accept gratuities from anyone at any time.