Skin Care (Esthetician) Program - About

The study of skin care, or esthetics, involves the science of skin care, body care, hair removal and makeup. The ISSNMT program is based on both European and American traditions, technology and is designed to produce graduates who are ready to work in spa and medical settings, product and esthetics equipment companies as well as become self-employed. Many of the ISSNMT Educators have European training providing students with a strong foundation in both traditions.  Our program prepares the student not only for State Board licensing requirements but also for the professionalism needed in today’s skin care work environment.


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information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who
completed the program, campus crime statistics and other important information, visit the disclosures which are listed in the Consumer Disclosures on the website.

The Massage Board of Georgia prohibits students from receiving compensation of any kind according to section 345-6-.02 in the Georgia Rule for the Scope of Practice of Massage Therapy Students.
Students accepting gratuities, or tips, will be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, termination. 

As a result, the School has determined that it will follow the Massage Board of Georgia’s regulations for all programs and all students in all programs are prohibited from accepting gratuities. Therefore, Skin Care and Nailcare students may not accept gratuities from anyone at any time.