About - Letter from Director

Pam Letter from the School Director:
Welcome. On behalf of all our students, staff and stellar educators, we are happy you visited the ISSNMT website. We are pleased that you have an interest in the beauty and wellness field and are considering ISSN as a partner to pursue your educational and career goals. Or, if you are a Spa Guest, we are pleased that you have chosen to book services through the ISSNMT Spa.

The level of expectation we hold for our students is high, and the progressive teaching methods we employ at ISSNMT are designed to produce a consummate professional with more than the basic skills to pass the State Board examinations. We encourage individuality, creativity and the inquisitive student. Our approach to instruction includes theory, clinic/lab experiences as well as instilling professionalism in each student.

The #1 client at ISSNMT is the employer seeking to hire our graduates. We utilize our educational process to build our product for that client. Our product is our graduate. Our students are the product we mold and build to place in the skin care, nail care and massage therapy industry. We take great pride in building the very best product. Each Commencement Ceremony validates that ISSNMT graduates are true professionals ready to make their mark in the industry.

The ISSNMT mantra is “we do not enroll students; rather, we enroll individuals who have a desire to be a successful graduate and professional.” If you believe that you are that individual who is ready to launch into a new career and blend passion with opportunity, then stop in and visit anytime.  2013 is here and ISSNMT has spent time listening to students and the community.  To that end,  we are proud to announce class schedule revisions that make pursing an education and a new career much easier.  Come by and visit us.   We welcome your questions and the opportunity to meet with you.

Warmest Regards,  
Pam Jones
School Director