Advanced Nail Technology Concepts

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Nail Technology now includes another concept for ISSNMT Students and Graduates.

Advanced Nail Technology Concepts have arrived.  Nail technicians who are trained at ISSNMT learn to make their clients’ hands and feet beautiful and to perform these services safely. ISSNMT trains a safety and skill program that prepares students to perform this routine care in a medical setting on patients as well as in their own salons. ISSNMT students graduating from the Nailcare Program can work, and graduates have worked, for Podiatrists in the Atlanta area because of the training at ISSNMT.  These concepts and advanced training are now included as part of the Nailcare Program and is the only program offering this type of training in the Atlanta area.

Students can feel confident that they will acquire the advanced training at ISSNMT to perform beauty treatments safely in a program that is exclusive to ISSNMT in Atlanta.  The Advanced Nail Technician Certification is included in, and an integral part of, the Nailcare Program. These advanced concepts and certification are highly respected for training nail technicians in how to work with utmost safely on clients—especially those who have health considerations such as chronic illnesses.

When students complete the Nailcare program they will have the important information and skills that will keep them, and their salon, apart from the “bad nail salon” media blasts; they will be the technician that clients will seek out, trust and be a returning client time and again.  This, along with all the important skills and knowledge they learn at ISSNMT, will grow their clientele and maintain it even in the economic down times.  Their clients will believe they need nail technicians with this type of training because they are trained to work safely for all services provided.

Prospective students are seeking to become a fully trained and licensed nail technician should seek out the Nailcare Program at the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy.   The 600 clock hour program can be completed in approximately 6 – 8 months, depending upon the schedule selected (day and evening programs are available) and with perfect attendance.  Contact or call 404-843-1005 and press 2 for more information.


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