Student Success Story: Mia Pertilla


Times have changed and nail salon patrons are more aware of the need for safe, healthful nail and foot care and are searching for providers in new places.

Mia Pertilla of Atlanta, Georgia, currently works for XpresSpa in Hartsfield Jackson Airport. Licensed in December, 2015, Pertilla is new to the nail industry, but her drive and passion is apparent. She was actually hired while still in school, and once she completed her State Board requirements and acquired her license, she started right to work. “That made me confident in pursuing a career in this field because I hadn’t had that experience with my previous education!” She gained her training in nail technology at International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy, Atlanta, who exclusively carries the Advanced Nail Technician Certification program as an adjunct to their nail technology program. “Adding Nailcare Academy’s ANT program to our school was a great decision! Once our students get into this course, they can’t wait to start their new career,” states Stephanie Allen, ISSNMT’s Nailcare Program Director.

Part of the reason for Pertilla’s confidence is the extensive training she received as at ISSNMT. She states, “There was a lot of information included in the ANT modules, above and beyond the textbook. The parts that were most enjoyable and informative to me were the modules focusing on the various diseases we should be aware of when dealing with clients, and the modules about caring for elderly clients since this is an area of interest for me in my career.”  ISSNMT students who take the ANT program are extensively trained in important knowledge of conditions, diseases and disorders of the lower legs and feet. They learn to “recognize and refer” the clients to the appropriate medical provider when they observe any condition “out of normal” on the foot. They also learn the implications of chronic illnesses such as diabetes or peripheral artery disease on pedicure services, and they adjust their actions accordingly. Pertilla adds, “I am more aware of the signs of abnormal conditions, especially in the foot. I take the health of my clients—and my health—more seriously.”

Pertilla enjoys her work so much she hopes to begin adding to her current schedule. “I enjoy working at the spa and hope to begin venturing out shortly and traveling to a nearby nursing home on my days off to provide services.” At some point in the future, she hopes to focus on this aspect of her training. “Someday I hope to open a salon geared towards providing services for senior clients.” Atlanta needs her vision and we at ISSNMT are excited to see our graduates dream of filling this growing niche in foot care.

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